Dax Rush, Rear Arches

Moulding making in progress ...

Dax Rush, Aeroscreen

Dax Rush Aeroscreen in Carbon Fibre SpreadTow! The Aeroscreen has been modelled on the Dax Rush MC scuttle and based on the original Dax Rush Aeroscreen but changed to extend around the scuttle.
I am looking to make a black gel coat version along with a plain carbon twill Road/Race option and custom orders like this complete SpreadTow version.

Dax Rush, Front Wheel Wings (Carbon Fibre)

Front Wheel Wings in Carbon Fibre (first product for Daxro Motors) Products come out of the mould in naked carbon and epoxy resin so the wings need clear coating for UV protection. You can order Front Wheel Wings individually or as a pair.

Dax Rush Front Wheel Wing in Carbon Fibre, Professionally 2K Clear Coated and Installed.

Welcome to the Daxro Motor Blog

Daxro Motors is a small workshop where I make moulds/products and make various parts using CAD/CAM and a homemade CNC milling machine. We only make products to order and these are usually processed in about 4 weeks sometimes longer depending on the order and slots avaliable. It all started making carbon fibre bodywork for my Dax Rush Hayabusa with Camber Compensation.